NMTAP offers instructional training events for groups, designed to increase knowledge, skills, and competencies regarding Assistive Technology.

Such events can be delivered, in-person, via telecommunications, or other distance education methods. Limited individual training is also available.

During and after a training, consumers can:

  • Learn about particular features of a device with an in-depth look at how they work
  • ​Hands- On training, which puts the user in the driver’s seat of the device
  • Ask necessary questions
  • Ask for necessary handouts/instructional manuals
  • Feel more confident about operating devices for school, work, or daily life
  • Gain a better understating of device before loaning for 30 days

AT Coordinator, Jesse Armijo, providing training on the LiveScribe Smartpen during ATC17

NMTAP is a program of the State of New Mexico Governor’s Commission on Disability, under a grant from the U.S Department of Health and Human Services, Administration on Community Living.