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Welcome to the New Mexico Technology Assistance Program (NMTAP).

NMTAP offers free services to New Mexicans with disabilities to help them get the assistive technology (AT) services they need. NMTAP is a statewide program designed to increase access to, and acquisition of, assistive technology. (Able Data lists and describes 19,000 assistive technology devices).

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What Can NMTAP Do for You?

Our mission is to help persons with disabilities enhance their quality of life through the use of assistive technology. To fulfill this mission, the NMTAP staff provides the following services to persons with disabilities their family members, and service providers:

ABLE Device Loan Program - Our device loan program offers teachers, therapists, case managers and NMTAP counselors the opportunity to try out assistive devices/software with students/clients prior to purchase. We work closely with schools, agencies, and counselors to both identify and try out the most practical and efficient technology solutions that match user needs. Download our Application for services or call to find out how you can access our ABLE Device Loan Program.

Device Demonstration Program - We have devices/software that assist with personal independence, communication, hearing and vision needs, learning, computer access, recreation, vocation, and telecommunications. Employers, agency staff, families and service providers can benefit from demonstrations of devices/software, and we can help you make informed choices as to what kinds of assistive technology would provide the best support at the best value. Call us for an individual, small group, or large group demonstration and we will design a demonstration that will meet your needs.

Financial Loan Programs - Securing loans to purchase devices can be difficult. NMTAP works closely with a local bank to prepare an affordable loan solution that will enable you to purchase the equipment you need to succeed in business or in a home-based business. If you have a disability and need help qualifying for a loan to purchase home office supplies, computers, typical tools of the trade, or vehicle modifications, let's discuss your needs and identify a financial assistance program that will work for you.

Second Chance Computer Donation Program - We have an active computer donation program that places “gently used” systems in the homes and offices of New Mexicans with disabilities. If you have a computer that is Pentium 3 or higher, we would welcome your donation. And if you have a need for refurbished computer system with a clean operating system that's ready to go, we may be able to help. Call us to discuss your needs.

Information & Assistance - NMTAP can help you find services, contacts, and appropriate resources related to assistive technologies. Call us with your questions and we’ll try to track down the best service providers and organizations that will work to refer you to an individual or agency that can. We can also share with you information about other related programs that may prove helpful. NMTAP is a member of the Association of Assistive Technology Act Programs (ATAP) and the Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA).

(NMTAP is a program of the New Mexico Governor's Commission on Disability.)
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The NMTAP/GCD is funded under a grant from the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) , U.S. Department of Education. This electronic publication does not necessarily reflect the views of RSA, and no official endorsement of material should be inferred.


Caption Phone: READ and HEAR your call. Captions are paid by the Federal Government with your tax dollars.

This phone is not part of the free phone program through the State. If you have a phone through the State, you do not need to give that phone back. ATS Resources is working with CaptionCall, who developed this caption phone, and is able to offer it at no charge during a promotion period (promo code HS1033). Request your phone: www.atsresources.org.

Phone offers:

  • Four times the amplification of a standard phone with clear sound
  • Captions may be enlarged and are white text on black background for easy reading
  • No need to dial a 1-800 number to reach you. Your number is dialed direct.
  • Anyone in the home may use this phone. Captions may be turned on and off mid-call.
  • May use a headset/neckloop with the phone for added clarity.
  • Touch-screen
  • 200 name and number phone book
  • Must have internet to receive the captions and a phone line to hear your call

Open Ended Long Term Loans


Free HP Scanners

Microsoft Wireless Keyboard

Free Microsoft
Wireless Keyboards
and Mice

NMTAP has a number of HP Scanjet 4370 Scanners & Microsoft Wireless Keyboards and Mice. These devices will require a computer to operate. These are available free for long term loan for as long as you need them. Public schools and non-profits may request more than one. Call 1-877-696-1470 to reserve one today.
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